Just up the road in Canning Vale, a road bridge has just finished being built over the railway line on Nicholson Road between Bannister Road and Garden Street. The road bridge is said to enhance safety and transport efficiencies, by now taking Nicholson Road over the railway line which has removed the railway level crossing. The project also involved re-surfacing the roundabout at Nicholson Road, Garden Street and Yale Road.

Although the re-surfaced road and roundabout, and the shared path on the new bridge are now open for public use, nightworks are still being carried out between 7pm and 7am until July. These finishing works call for lane closures and reduced speed limits on Nicholson Road and include kerbing, line marking, anti-graffiti painting and landscaping.

Scope of project:

  • Six-lane road bridge over the railway line
  • Road infrastructure including safety barriers, drainage, signs, screen/noise walls, pavement marking and street lighting
  • Pedestrian and cycling infrastructure that includes a pedestrian underpass and a path on the east side of the new bridge

Key benefits:

Enhances traffic operations, economic efficiencies and safety by permanently removing the interface between the road and railway line.


For more information please visit project.mainroads.wa.gov.au/nicholsonroad


Video from Main Roads WA